Compile-time templated A* pathfinding in C++14

What is this? In simple terms, a complete mess. More concretely, it’s a piece of code that I wrote which computes a path using the A* algorithm and works entirely at compile-time, that is, all computations are done by the compiler and nothing is done... »

Code Challenge - Self Replicating Code

Quine A program that outputs its own source code, preferably without reading a file, is called a Quine. One of the simplest example is as follows #include<stdio.h> main(){char*a="#include<stdio.h>%cmain(){char*a=%c%s%c;printf(a,10,34,a,34);}";printf(a,10,34,a,34);} This is the base I used for this challenge. The constraint Just like for the math expression... »